Wednesday, November 02, 2005


On Sunday I went to see the Carlos Roque show at Joymore. This tiny but consistently excellent gallery has become one of the best reasons to make the trek to Williamsburg. Thanks to a Halloween party that was a little too good the night before I was dragging when I got off the G train. However, as soon as I looked through the gallery's front window the haze began to lift and fast. It downright disappeared once I got inside. Pierogi is still a reliable and solid standby (and the current Daniel Zeller show is a predictable kick), but Joymore has become my go-to gallery for thrilling art. Seriously, man. Just exhilarating. I'll be writing more about it for Fallon and Rosof. Speaking of which, here's my review of Joymore's last show. In the meantime here are some pics. (Definitely a good time to click-on-the-pic for full effect.)

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