Friday, October 20, 2006


I never did go off on something an anonymous blogger pointed out in the Comments section for my post about the Art Review Power 100 issue: There's one female artist on the entire list, Tracy Emin. Let me say that again, slowly . . . One. Female. Artist. On. The. Entire. List.

A bit ironic that 7 pages later they're clapping their hands for Jerry Saltz's championing of women. I guess it's easier to sit in the stands and cheer than it is to get on the floor and change the game. Boooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Susan Constanse said...

Yeah, and it makes my heart hurt that it's Tracy Emin.

Heart As Arena said...

I'm actually a fan, but I understand your pain. Her inclusion in the Power 100 is a bit of a mystery. There seems to be a soft spot for the YBAs over there. I'm still getting over Hirst's appearance in the #1 spot last year. So powerful that he could have THE shit show of the year and still sellout. Well. At least that was the rumor that Gagosian put forth which means, like, less than nothing. Pity the poor sods who bought that shit. People are idiots.

I swear to God that as I write this The Clash's London's Burning came over the sound system at the internet cafe. Even The Clash agree with me.

rb said...

that's funny, i have 'london calling' playing on my itunes

!and the word verification for this comment is tutut


Rebel Belle said...

The Power 100 guys have been asking me to put them on my blogroll. Yikes ! One woman? WTF. I never got around to the blogroll thing out of sheer laziness. This time sloth worked out for me.

Heart As Arena said...

Yeah. Totally JABS (Jive Ass Bull Shit), Nancy. Kinda like my whole internet situation for the last 3 weeks. Things that make me go WTF.

Heart As Arena said...

rb. Even blogger is tsk-tsking.