Thursday, January 09, 2014

This Face Is Free.

Email to Bivs. (Practically a blog post)

Total Destruction 7"
Did we ever talk about DJ Scud? A guy I became friendly with at Kim's introduced me to him (the person and his jams, actually). The first time I heard him play, he came on after one more boring-ass trip-hop set by DJ Spooky who put in a set that even a guest shot by Arto Lindsay couldn't help and proceeded to just blow out the space with a full-on Noise assault for about 10 minutes before blasting into the distorto Drum 'n' Bass & Dancehall crush-up that he was so adept at. That first 10 minutes was like an acid palate cleanser, getting rid of the stale taste of the last course. The Hill Foundation had done the sound so it was an extra hard blow when the beats kicked in. It was, like, 3 in the morning in DUMBO, before DUMBO became the Jane's Carousel. I got home by 5, but I couldn't get to sleep until after 7. (This is practically a blog post.)