Monday, April 10, 2006

Charlotte Nicholson: She's Got Gold.

Charlotte Nicholson Snowblind 3*
Heart As Arena pal Charlotte Nicholson put a hurtin' on Stephen Maine of Artnet when he went to see the group show, Presentational Painting III, at Hunter College. For those of you who know Charlotte's work this will not come as a surprise. The radiance is in the details.

Just one little note. Charlotte's paintings are fiercely difficult to photograph. This photo, nor any other I've seen, really does her work justice. Seeing it in the flesh is very much recommended.

*Photo totally lifted from Artnet.


barry said...

Hey, Brent. Can you make sure interesting shows like this get sent to in the future?

It was great to meet you at Ed Winkleman's art blog gathering.

Heart As Arena said...

Vill do, Barry.

krixfort said...

thanks for the link my friend. And to be up with such a list. I am humbled.