Friday, August 24, 2007

And Lovingly So.

I mentioned Drawn and Quartered, at Like The Spice a little while ago, but never commented on the show. (That's been going on a lot lately here. Sorry. Mountains of freelance.) There's some really wonderful work in this show. Some of it, amazing even.

Kathleen Vance

Tadashi Moriyama's work more than lived up to my expectations. Such lovely details. It reminded me of the feel of the model cityscapes used in Shortbus. The artist that really knocked it out of the park and into the water for me though was Kathleen Vance. Well, HELLO THERE. Her drawings have a great sense of space and line, and they kept drawing me back for a peek 5 or 6 times during the opening. I'm a sucker for work that exploits shadows. Especially when it does it as well as Allie Rex's Arrows (not pictured below). Nothing but Yum. Liz Brown? Totally! Shit yeah! There's quite the horde of artists in this show, and these are only a few of them. Seriously. Go.

Tadashi Moriyama

And a note to new collectors. Why get escorted around Chelsea like poor old Jay-Z by someone who's more a financial consultant than an art lover when you can go to shows like this one, find something you love, and buy it. Don't be a Dusty.

Liz Brown

Allie Rex

Abby Goodman

Amy Hill

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