Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Insert Here.

I picked up the new Art In America at a Barnes & Noble on the UWS last week, and found a surprise inside. I couldn't learn anything about it being sanctioned so that makes it even better. When I did a little google work I got a tiny clue, but maybe not. I spot checked some of the other AiA's on the rack and didn't see any more inserts. Is it art or not? I don't know. I think that it is more than it is not. Its little mission was a success. I know that. A mass produced product suddenly felt intimate. I felt the flow of the random and the kick of an unexpected connection to another. I am undoubtedly grooving on an inner plane . . . and blatantly stealing Robyn Hitchcock songs.


Anonymous said...

My friend Jeff Sonco alerted me to your blog. I am Chris Ouellette. I've been planting little notes, mini artwork, free coloringbook pages, and one page plays in magazines all over the city for the past few months now. I'm so glad that you found one, and enjoyed the experience so much. There'll be more. keep your eyes peeled.

Heart As Arena said...

A nicely drawn circle, Chris Ouellette. You and Jeff just made my bloggy day. Smiles all around.