Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow. The new Shirin Neshat show is as unconvincing as the last one. Why won't anybody utter the word, "Hack"? I shouldn't be thinking of Tom Petty videos when I'm seeing art. The telegraphed narrative actually made me laugh at one point. Wow all over again. My criticisms of this show are so similar to the last one that I'm going to give you a second opportunity to click on a link to my review of it on this end of the paragraph as well.

OK, Brent. Say something nice. The soundtrack was pretty. Derivative, but pretty. Wait. I said that last time too. As I was saying.

I have to admit that I liked it much better when my contact with her work was solely through it's use for Muslimgauze covers like the one above, or this one or, hey, that one.

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