Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Carousel Of Bullshit.

Photo via New York: Courtesy of Jane Walentas herself.

The Brooklyn Eagle's fluff piece today on the kindasorta opened Galapagos sent me into the usual venom-spitting conniption I always have when I read, well, just about anything regarding DUMBO anymore. I hate to have to drag out this damn point every six months, but . . . for fuck's sake people, DUMBO is no longer a place for the arts. Real estate fat cat David Walentas and his Two Trees Management would like you to believe otherwise, but his making it an "arts destination" has little to do with anything other than making the neighborhood a more sellable commodity. Having pruned the neighborhood of affordable living and studio spaces for artists over the last ten years is not a sin that can be redeemed by (even major) sponsorship of a couple arts organizations. Yes. Some of those organizations will give artists a place to show and perform their work, but it's been at the great expense of artists having a place to actually make their art.

Wait. I'm sorry. I take it all back. I forgot about Walentas' wife's idiotic vanity project that nobody wants except for the tourists. Maybe that'll make up for things . . . NOT. Can I get a "Timber!"?


nico said...

i know, I KNOW! i remember when DUMBO was just flavorpill parties an a rehab clinic, and gas was 89 cents a gallon! now, apparently, it's okay to raise children there. well keep them in DUMBO, out of williamsburg, tear the condos down! go back to park slope! resist the future but embrace the change!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ugh. in full agreement with you Brent. Two Trees has destroyed Dumbo

Oly said...

Well, I feel ya on the Two Trees, really, I do-- but they're at least not Shoya Boymelgreen.
He's the culprit responsible for that horrid "Beacon Tower" eyesore.

Heart As Arena said...

All. I couldn't agree with myself more.

Nico. They're shooting GG AND Lipstick Jungle (Who knew they even renewed that show?) in Packerland this week.

Anon. "Ugh," is right. I don't like posting about stuff like this, but this one always makes my apeshit crazy hate meter go off the scale.

Oly. What are you talking about? They're "homes in the sky"! HaHa. Their shitty website is hilarious. All feng shui speak and rotting salmon colors.

Oly said...

What do you have against granite countertops, Brent?
You know they're calling out for you!