Monday, August 04, 2008

Rock Show.

Went to Rock Star Bar in Williamsburg on Saturday night to see a metal show. Lots of goodness. Dark, evil goodness, but goodness nonetheless. Plus, Chrome Peeler showed up with his always-ample selection of metal fun at the merch table.

Vultures. Couldn't find anything online about them, but their drummer was one skinny dude.

Buckshot Facelift. Rock and roll should always be this fun and messy. What's not to like about a band whose album (Universal Goat Tilt) includes such great titles as Giving Acid To A Gorilla Who Knows Sign Language, Bonus Blowtorch, and Feeding Alka Seltzer To Angels. I mean, really.

The Communion. Blackened and Doomed-out Grind from Hell. Sharp guitars with a stalking singer. Creepy slamming. Celtic Frost doing speedballs. Bought their demo for 2 bucks. Smart move. It's killer.

Black September. Um. OK. Every once in awhile I'll see a painting or a band, and the world stops a little bit. Everything about this band and their performance was refreshing. If there's one thing that I love in metal it's when a band isn't afraid to rock the fuck OUT. And when I say "rock" I'm referring to the way they move. Too many metal bands get stuck in the template of their genre and lose their natural gait. Black September put in my favorite performance of the night, and that's no mean feat with Unearthly Trance as the headliner. I need to mention the singer, Jen Pickett. Her throat-shredding is some of the most powerful I've heard in some time. Geeeeez. I've been listening to the album while writing this. This band is just devastating. Sanford Parker took notice and produced their album. Even more reason to pay attention. And they're not on Relapse because . . . ?

Unearthly Trance. Sooooooooooo great to see these guys play out again. The new album, Electrocution, is crushing. You know how I feel. Nothing has changed. Except for the fact that they've gotten even better. Another brilliant show.

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