Saturday, September 19, 2009


Christopher Saunders, Whitenoise 3

I'm always getting lost in Chinatown. And I mean, like, ALWAYS. The nice thing is that somehow I (usually) eventually (somehow) find my way to the East Broadway F station which is right across the street from LaViolaBank Gallery. I always stop in. I consistently like at least 60% (sometimes more, never less) of what I see on the walls there, which, let's face it, is a pretty good average. Much better than most. The group show that's up now, Outside In, mos def hits a higher than usual. Christopher Saunders' exquisite paintings were one of the things that helped the average this time 'round. Also killin' it was Mira O'Brien's gorgeous and broken Glass Platform. Leighton Pierce's Tree videos in the basement reminded me a lot of the video that I saw Wolfgang Voigt use up at Columbia earlier in the summer. Trust me. This is a good thing. These are all good things. I should get lost more often.


highlowbetween said...

Thanks for the mention Brent. Glad you saw the show!

Allegra LaViola said...

Hi Brent-

Thank you for the review- so glad you like the show and look forward to seeing you at the gallery in the future. I'm not sure we've properly met but I'd like to!