Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get. OUT!

Been psyched for this show, and now it's here. The thankfully and utterly mad Olympia Lambert has pulled together the massive group show, Escape From New York in Paterson, NJ. One of the reasons for my psychedness is that I'll get to see so much of Olympia's taste up on a wall, actually LOTS of walls. I'm also psyched because it's been too long since I've seen the work of Christopher Saunders (I mean, srsly. Check him the fuck OUT. See below.), Alison Blickle, Boyce Cummings, Micah Ganske, and Robert Schatz on a wall. Also ├╝ber-psyched to see what Man Bartlett and An Xiao have up their mighty sleeves. Psyched as well to discover some new artists along the way. So, yes. You guessed it. I'm TOTALLY FUCKING PSYCHED! And you are too.

Christopher Saunders, Solid Air

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