Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like A Setting Sun.

Fariba Hajamadi, Father and Son, C-print, 2004.

Yesterday, Christopher Knight offered some ideas for Los Angeles County Museum of Art's BP-sponsored entrance. I would add a couple C-prints from Fariba Hajamadi's "Oil Painting" series to Knight's short list of Benglis, Frankenthaler, and Burtynsky. It's not exactly Gulf-related. Oh, wait. That's right. It is. It's just not the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf. We're hearing the echo of that word, right? Probably not. Same oil. Same blood. Same distance.

Besides Hajamadi I also thought of Josephine Meckseper's 2008 auto stampede at Elizabeth Dee. I thought of Viggo Mortensen's t-shirt on Charlie Rose. I thought of these two fuckers pushing a Porsche up 10th Avenue. I thought of St. Vitus. Then I thought of all my Saint Vitus records. That made me think of the how the needle fits so snuggly into the vein.

Like all good junkies we know the floor, but only as a delivery system. And here we are again, sucking on sand.

Cue Neil.

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