Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogging The Biennial.

Went to the press preview this afternoon. I'll post something about what I actually thought about it soon. Y'know. It's the Biennial. It's everything it always is. Dig in, whether you like it or not.

Richard Serra

Todd Norsten

Robert A. Pruitt

Matthew Day Jackson

Ira Cohen

Urs Fischer

Rudolf Stingel

Nari Ward

Mark Bradford

Marilyn Minter

Paul Chan

Jim O'Rourke

Francesco Vezzoli

Otabenga Jones & Associates

Dawolu Jabari Anderson


I love painting said...

eeks. I guess I have to check it out, tho it always disappoints.

JD said...

HAA, thanks for the preview. Marilyn Minter, wow! Glad she's included. And the Serra is an interesting departure: was there lots of political art? Was there much. . . painting?

Heart As Arena said...

Yeah. Marilyn Minter kicked. No pun intended. Her billboards are going up in Chelsea. They'll be up for March.

Anyway. Painting. Remember how in the last Biennial there were more paintings than usual but so many of them were bad? This time there are fewer paintings, but the quality control is a little better. Not a lot better, but a little better.

Heart As Arena said...

And yeah. There was a boatload of political art which wasn't a surprise. The worst of it is the Peace Tower. Painful and amateur looking. Like it was built by a group of overachievers from one of the private schools on the UWS. The best is Zoe Strauss's photographs. Also probably the least overtly political, but so much more powerful than all the hysterics.

JD said...

Ouch, "peace tower" sounds. . . potentially not too good.

sloth said...

Thank you for this sneaky preview, HAA. It will help me to gird for the experience, which is almost always trying. Love that Minter.

Corny said...

Yea, agreed, Minter is the bees dirty knees. Thanks for the appetizer. The biennial feels like an obligation to me. Must try to reprogram my brain so to enjoy it.

Heart As Arena said...

Whatever y'all do, don't miss the Zoe Strauss slideshow. My favorite thing in all of the Biennial. Simple as that. Brought it all together and then some.

Oooh. And the Minter billboards are great! I'll be posting some pics on the Creative Time blog soon.

roberta said...

you/v got the most awesome photo sequence from Caligula. How did you do that? I'm jealous. Great, great, great!