Friday, August 10, 2007

Libby Libby Libby On The Label Label Label.

Brian LaRossa

When I was away I got an email from Libby at Artblog about a group show, Drawn and Quartered, at Like The Spice. It was a forward from one of the participants, Tadashi Moriyama. Seriously, kids. Libby (or Roberta for that matter) has ever done me wrong with any of her suggestions. And she's right, Moriyama's work looks pretty wondrous and stuff. Color me all kinds of curious.

screen grab by me, art by Tadashi Moriyama

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libby said...

I'm just a walking, talking brand name. You make it, we brand it. Too bad we dropped out of the course before we learned how to convert that branding into commerce. Thanks for the shout out for us and for Tadashi. He's really great!