Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unbreak My Color.

Recently I heard from one of the Unbreak My Heart stars, Luke Whitlatch, and he sent pictures. Oh, hells yeah. Inversion rising. The pieces he had in my show left a lot of open canvas. The piece that he had in a group show at Rivington Arms last summer (above) was the most minimal thing I had seen him do. And now, this . . .

Whoa. Colors are bustin'! The first background, like copper shifting. And check that line escaping from the exploded corner. Whitlatch always finds an ecstatic and surprising balance I love.

The second second background has things moving into rust. And another bursting corner with more instability and decay between the background foreground. Love those two bars of burgundy holding things down in the bottom middle left. Luke Whitlatch, man. Still unbreaking my heart. Great stuff.


Joann Kim said...

I love it. You are so lucky.

Heart As Arena said...

Seriously. How excellent are these? Dude is always moving.