Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Heart As Arena II (Think Van Halen II, not Jaws II.).

Wow. Color me flattered and fluttering. Yesterday I discovered that an art blog I much admire, Iconoduel, had posted a link to Heart As Arena. That would have been happy-making enough, but it got even better. I emailed the site's main man, Dan Hopewell, to say thanks. Literally, right after I sent the email I went to check his post for the day and voila . . . in it he had mentioned Heart As Arena, my Creative Time blog, and "The House of Fallon and Rosof".

Let's face it: A compliment from a city that was smart enough to buy and sell Jack Goldstein's work when nobody else would, well, like I said . . . flattered and fluttering. After a 13 hour day in the beige, this is the kind of news a guy can stand.

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