Sunday, October 23, 2005

Swallowed By The Cracks.

OK. The last few months have been crazy, some bad crazy but mostly good crazy. Either way, time has really been an issue. So, more things than usual have been slipping through the cracks. Hopefully, I'll eventually get to most of them . . . ESPECIALLY THE LIZ RYWELSKI.

1. Liz Rywelski knocked me out this summer in the group show Precious Moments at Joymore. I've wanted to say more for months. I will.

2. I'm going to take an earlier tip by Mountain Man and say bad things about bad art. Namely the D.U.M.B.O. Arts Festival. Oh, man. It wasn't as depressing as the Greater NY show at P.S 1 this summer, but what could possibly live down to that. The big drag was that I never found the Space 1026 piece. However, the best thing I saw all day was some work by a Pratt student hawking her art on the sidewalk. More on that later.

3. A general comment on all the whining about art fairs, the renovated and crowded MoMA, the art market. I might agree, but that doesn't make it any less pointless. As Joe Perry said in a very different context . . . "Let the music [hold for the beat] do the talkin'." Or more to the point, I'll quote Pearl Harbor and The Explosions: "Shut Up and Dance."

4. I want to take back everything I said about the Robert Bordo show at Alexander & Bonin. I thought that it was the worst painting show I had seen in a long time the first time I saw it. The third time I saw it, I fell in love. And I have to say, I have no idea why. I also want to talk about how it flows like that sometime.

5. I haven't even mentioned Jeremy Blake's show at Feigen Contemporary. The usual staggering bit of wonder. Add Blake's visuals to Dave Berman's words and you have one of my favorite shows in Chelsea right now.

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