Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not Related.

Not at all . . .

I keep hearing that the Alex Katz Paints Ada, 1957-2005 exhibition, opening at the Jewish Museum in October, is going to be a monster. I can't imagine that watching this great painter's heart move over time will be anything but glorious. I'm in.

And speaking of being "in" . . . those of you who followed my lead and picked up one of those Thorns Ltd. / Banks Violette DVDs now own an object more rare than originally planned (Limitation 500). Apparently the band was unhappy with the final product, and the Whitney has destroyed the unsold copies. This seems to be unfortunate, and almost entirely predictable. Either way, Papa gets a new pair of snakeskin boots. When (and if) details follow I'll post an update.


James Wolanin said...

I agree, I'm there. I really enjoyed the Alex Katz show at Pace last month.

Heart As Arena said...

And I'm still KICKING myself for having missed it. Shoot.