Thursday, July 13, 2006

This Heat.

I've really been out of it. It's the heat. Or it's the rain. Or maybe it's the heated rain. I don't know, but something's gone awry when I'm not aware of a show like Lustfaust at Frieght + Volume until my man Jason from Chrome Peeler Records tips me to it.

Cassettes have been abused since they arrived in this world, and with good reason. The sound is crap and the medium is most efficient when it comes to falling apart. But that's all the more reason for deviant sound experimentalists to exploit the format. The underground cassette scene has served a number of genres well over the years: metal, noise, garage, and on and on and on into some infinite loop of affordable obsession. Hilariously, Lustfaust is not--nor has ever been--part of this scene. It's made up, but that doesn't make me any less interested in a commentary on a scene so underground that it flies beneath every radar that pop culture has to offer. Buy or die.

If you want the real stuff go here or here.

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djspleenbaby said...

hey. did you get to see the show?