Monday, July 17, 2006


It was a nice surprise when I ran into installation artist Lisa Hein at an opening last month. A couple years ago, I worked next to the building in the West Village where she and her partner in crime, Robert Seng, have their studio. Lisa sent me two images from their latest project in Williamsburg recently. I was especially sorry to hear that I missed their wall of green jello at Exit Art in 2003. Life is not fair.

This just in from the artists . . . "Double Vent" is in 2 parts, on the street front and back in the courtyard at Supreme Trading at 213 North 8th St (between Driggs + Roebling), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was originally part of an Eyewash project, Big Stuff, but has been extended a few weeks--closing date uncertain. Supreme Trading is a bar. It opens around 4 PM and stays that way until late.

So there you have it. Drink, and look up.


Mark said...

excellent title.

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