Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bunch Of Goddamn Babies.

I have a new post up on Fallon & Rosof's Artblog for Caleb Weintraub's show, Cloudy with a Chance of Apocalypse, at Jack The Pelican Presents. Bonus track: me being freaked the fuck out by Reed Barrow's work in the back room. Scary shit, kids.

And all of a sudden the streets were filled with cherubs and uncertainty, the stars fell from the sky, the ground broke up beneath them and all of the walls complained, 2006, mixed media and oil/canvas, 10' x 14'

This Morning I Woke up with a SoreThroat, 2006

Both images totally lifted from Jack The Pelican Presents website


roberta said...

Post's up! You're the best!

Heart As Arena said...

Rock and roll.

Mark said...

No, your both the best! I really wanted to see that show, it was in my top ten of the month, but couldn't get over the bridge. Haa, I'm lovin your coverage of, sleepwalkers, it's all love.

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks so much, Mark. It's really been an amazing experience. Also, watching some of the elitism that's boiled up around it has been mildly amusing. Always is.