Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Full On.

My day was made this afternoon when this link for the Jamaican Label Art site landed in my in-bin. Brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. A fine nod to the original diy'ers. The sounds and studio techniques to come out of Jamaica in the early- to mid-70's forever altered the texture and dynamics of popular music. To deny the influence of the raw beauty of the label designs that went with it would be a mistake. In Jamaica the 7" rules. Lambsbread for ya head. Do not savor. Devour.

If you crave the real deal, you need to get yourself to one of the most crucial record stores in the city: Jammyland.


postpost said...

Yes Yes Brent. I second both those recommendations as I could, and have, spent hours at both sites. For your readers (because you obviously know what your talking about) a primer on all things related:

-the Blood And Fire Forum at

-Roots Archive at

Heart As Arena said...

Thanks PostPost. Great links. You reminded me of another time that the dub has appeared here. Wade Guyton: Andy Warhol vs. King Tubby Inna Painta House Fire.

postpost said...

Oh yeah - that was me - the complainer. I just wish there was more threads pertaining to the parallels between Jamaican reggae/dub/rocksteady and contemporary visual art as in the same textures and dynamics you mentioned in your post.

That Tom Sachs piece from a couple years back was amazing (although I didnt see it) and possibly the Fela Kuti group exhibition that traveled around come to mind. But what else?

-DJ Porkchop (aka PostPost)

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! I wondered if that was you. And yeah, this made me think of Tom Sach's Seal of Approval as well. This link was better than the non-information on Printed Matter's site.