Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President Gas.

UPDATE: Gia Kourlas throws much love in the direction of Guta in the Times today (02/26/07).

I've been reading Karen Finley's George & Martha, her account of George Bush's coke-fueled night of lust with Medea whore Martha Stewart. It's been cathartic, but I still need a little more.

I've a feeling that Guta Hedewig's new work, Dog Days or "19 Ways of Looking at a Shrub" will fill the bill. Hedewig, Theresa Duhon, Kristi Spessard, and Rachel Lynch-John will be dancing to Hedewig's choreography inspired by the dumbass words of President Gas. Where do I put my hate? Right here, kids. Right here. This should be good.

Video here. See if you can remember the quote. Then be sad and pissed.

The show and the Bushisms that inspired it will be making your brain bleed from February 22-25 at Danspace, 131 East 10th Street.

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