Saturday, April 28, 2007

Off The Page.

If you're going to Chelsea today, this is the last day to see the Works On Paper show at D'Amelio Terras. John Morris of Digging Pitt Gallery and blog fame has some exquisite and unruly drawings in the show. I very much liked Case Calkin's orgasms of nature, but Morris's work is where I spent most of my time. They reminded me of Sly & The Family Stone records. No matter how Morris lays down the tracks they've got their own, unique and unstoppable grooves. Sometimes the beats go careening off the paper, and sometimes they stop short of the edge. Whatever time they're keeping, there's always a sophisticated intentionality behind them. It shows a total control of rhythm and motion by the artist. Magical and engrossing.

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John Morris said...

Thanks for the hype. I do consider my works to be kind of like musical meditations or some visual equivalent.