Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Only Thing Dumber Than Opening Night In Chelsea . . .

. . . is opening night on the Lower East Side. Not a surprise though. And really, not a complaint. Openings are openings. At this point, anybody who goes to an opening expecting to see--let alone think about--the art is just delusional.

Again, that's ok. There are ways around this. Last night I just walked over to Spring Street Natural, had a martini and their relatively magical SESAME CRUSTED SASHIMI RARE YELLOWFIN TUNA STEAK with a soy mirin glaze, served with wasabi mashed potatoes, sauteed baby bok choy and crispy leeks entree. (Serious love, obviously.) Then I went back to the scene of this crowd control issue, Amy Smith-Stewart's new gallery on Stanton, Smith-Stewart.

Marilyn Minter, Unarmed (Pamela Anderson), C-print, 36 x 50 in, 2007.

Still didn't see much of the art without shoulders and hands included in the deal, but that's to be expected and I plan to return this afternoon to view it without the obstructions (And the BO. Shower, kids. You can do it! I promise it won't wash away any of that cool you've worked so hard to maintain.). The two main draws for me are a Marilyn Minter c-print and a video by one of my faves, Kate Gilmore.

Kate Gilmore, video still from Baby, Belong to Me.

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