Monday, June 18, 2007

A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck.

When I went to see the group show at Kinz, Tillou, and Feigen on Saturday it started to rain. And I do mean, RAIN. So, I ended up checking out the group show of recent VCU graduates at the Kim Foster Gallery on the first floor. This is where I found my favorite piece of the day, Angela White's sculpture/sound work.

Two turntables, fishing line, stones and broken cups and such. Visually mesmerizing and aurally arresting, I could have stayed all afternoon to drink it in. A movement sensor set the piece in motion. Although the most dominant sound was that of the cups, it was augmented with the more subtle sounds of the smaller pieces that had been moved by secondary methods of contact.

It was difficult not to think of Steve Roden's wondrous Winter Couplet. Obviously, the outcome here isn't as composed but the uncertainty and unrepeatable nature of the work holds its own gravity. Literally. Gravity and time pull their own weight to make this cup a bell, to make this bell a cup. Now would be a good time to thank the rain.

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