Thursday, June 07, 2007


It seems that since fascist fear monger/art hater Rudy Guiliani decided to run for Daddy-in-Chief he's been on everybody's minds, even art historians. Witness the New Yorker article about Ball State's Mary Carter's recent visit to The Met. She recognizes the Ofiliphobe in the face of Crivelli's "St Dominic." Personally, I don't see it. Which is OK. More than anything it seems that the Ben McGrath-penned bit is just a vehicle to make a bunch of Rudy jokes. Nothing wrong with that. The best moment is left to a kid who wanders by and comments, "That's the Devil right there." Well, maybe not the Devil, but certainly his tool.

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SAMO said...

Yes, a tool. Or as a NY cabdriver said during his administration to my visiting parents -- "We call him FOOLiani!"