Friday, November 16, 2007

The $50,000 Question.

Does Zoe Strauss kick ass? I say, YES. Apparently the folks at United States Artists who just awarded her an Agnes Gund Fellowship also say YES. Zoe? She says HOLY FUCK!

Image above obviously by Zoe Strauss


zs said...

can you believe this? it's CRAZY!

Also, I love Brent!

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love Brent? oh yeah, and Zoe, too.

Heart As Arena said...

It's crazy and yet totally not.

Y'all too sweet.

Also, I love Zoe!

And I love anonymous!

And Karen Finley. I LOVE Karen Finley. Don't get me started. WAKE UP!

Heart As Arena said...

Oh, and Leonard Nimoy. That photo is soooooooo great.

Anonymous said...

just saw her projected photographs at Moore and was surprised one of the persons in the piece had just sold me a breakfast sausage dog that morning. Went back the next day (location - Port Richmond) and asked the employee if she had seen the photograph of herself. said she hadn't but asked whether she was captured wearing her uniform. she also said the photograph was taken about two years ago. small world, that's all.

Heart As Arena said...

Smallest world. Best world.