Friday, November 02, 2007

The Worded Paint.

The Blogger Show (NYC) opens on Saturday night at Agni Gallery. Mad props to John Morris of Digging Pitt Gallery in Pittsburgh for even attempting to pull this off. 35 artists/bloggers from all over the U.S. in four different galleries (1 here, 2 galleries in Pittsburgh, and 1 in Millvale, PA.). Morris (With some help from Susan Constanse) is bringing new meaning to the words generosity and community with his endeavors here. Gratitude in advance.

One thing that I've loved about the art blogosphere since the very beginning has been the way it's been used by artists to work out their shit in public. Sometimes it's boring. Sometimes it's thrilling. It's almost always fascinating. I'm totally jazzed to see what's at the end of all the toil and trouble. Here's a sampling . . .

Artists whose work I've seen in the flesh, and I'm glad this show is giving me a chance to see more of it:

Nancy Baker. Twisted, with savage chops.

Tracy Helgeson. These luscious little things are wildly cheated by the jpeg format. Saw some of her work in Pittsburgh. Very, very nice.

John Morris. Dude did serious damage in a show at D'Amelio Terras in April. Serious damage.

Artists whose work I've never seen beyond the realm of the jpeg, and am curious as hell about:

Sharon Butler. Those backgrounds look yummy.

JT Kirkland. Been watching his stuff online for a couple years now.

Steven LaRose. For real.

Ed Winkleman and Bill Gusky have both said insightful, smart things about The Blogger Show. Go read them.


Steven LaRose said...

Hey thanks.
And you are right, John and Susan of Digging Pitt are extremely generous.

Do you make things Brent? I'm new to your blog and don't have time to peruse your archives.

Heart As Arena said...

Hi, Steven. Welcome.

Y'know, I keep seeing Susan's name mentioned by different participants so I'm going to have to edit her in. She does kick ass. It must be stated.

I don't make things. I'm just an art fiend. Simple as that. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Brent makes friends.

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! Good one, Martin.

Anonymous said...

Brent's my new best friend.

(Looking forward to meeting you tonight, Brent.)

Tracy H.

Heart As Arena said...


Likewise, Tracy H.

Anonymous said...

ps - dumbo!

Chris Rywalt said...

I met Brent last night. I had to ask him to repeat his name about six times because I'd never ever heard it before. Finally he admitted to be the Heart As Arena guy, whereupon I realized I'd been seeing his blog in link lists for a couple of years now. Apparently I also commented here at some point in the past.

Now that I've met him, I'll have to read here more often. It's completely against the whole blogging ethos, I know, but I have trouble remembering to keep up with people I haven't actually met in person. Steve LaRose is a notable exception, but then he's sent me some art, so that helps.

Speaking of which, I just rotated the two drawings of his I own. He told me to rotate them 90 degrees every couple of months, and I do.

Susan Constanse said...

Thanks for the mention, dude.
Let me know hen you'll be in the 'burgh. Only for you would I go to Primanti Brothers!

Oly said...

I think it's dangerous for us to know each other, because it will only inspire BLOG WARS.

We can be kind of like the mafia families choosing sides.

Would be soooo cool.

You didn't see nuthin'.


Heart As Arena said...

It was great and trippy to meet and see everybody. What a kick.