Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Mika Rottenberg, 5 Second Party, 2006

A relatively new arts organization came across my radar recently: Artis. They support contemporary art in Israel and the Israeli artists who make it, wherever they are. The other night I went to a presentation of the work of Israeli artists who are attending or have graduated from Columbia. I was surprised at how much of the work I was familiar with. Just the other week I had come across Mika Rottenberg's 5 Second Party (above) in the back room at Stonefox in the collection of one of the gallerists. And of course, the mighty Tamy Ben-Tor (below). I'm pretty sure that everybody and their mother likes her work. Others whose work I've seen here and there were Guy Ben-Ner, Yoav Horesh, and Daniel Bauer. Check them out, both the artists and the org.

Tamy Ben-Tor, still from The Hitler Sisters, 2005


naaaaaaaaaatalie said...

the correct title of Mika Rottenberg's piece is "5 Second Party" -- maybe you can correct the post?



Heart As Arena said...

Hi naaaaaaaaaatalie. First of all, love your naaaaaaaaaame. Secondly, thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed it. Now somebody needs to email Deutsche Bank.

Iggi Art said...

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