Saturday, December 08, 2007

Best Email Solicitation of the Day.

my name is eddie alfaro
i would like to show you my artwork
maybe you can help me get it seen
i make it with sharpie markers, i am color blind
thank you


Mark said...

He's a prolific emailer!

Glamor Goat said...

Since I can't pass through this monitor and climb in and roll and swim around eddie's image like it was a drawer full of silk scarves, I'll have to console myself with grateful tears for having been moved by little else than a permanent marker.

Who is Eddie Alfaro?

Glamor Goat said...

That's it. Everyone's getting sharpies and head shots for christmas this year.

Heart As Arena said...

Yo, geez. This is Eddie Alfaro.

Glamor Goat said...

Yep, same guy as the head shot guy.

Anonymous said...

hello thanks for posting my artwork
hope you are doing well