Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't Call Me.

Not between 10 and 10:30, at least. I'll be watching the center of the moral universe, Lauren Conrad (left), crush all the dishonest hellheads of the world. Audrina (right) will undoubtedly begin to date another dopey fool, even though she deserves somebody nicer. Heidi will die. Clueless as a goldfish, she will choke to death on her own breath. Spencer, freed from his never-really-meant-it-in-the-first-place commitment, will begin his political career, and in 20 years will be running for president in a close race. A small percentage of the country will vote for Mark Green to "shake things up" and "send a message". You know the rest.

It starts tonight.

PS: Here it is . . . THE moment of the season. I love how this transfer gives the clip the visual texture of a soap opera from the 70's.

PPS: OMG. They're even letting Elodie walk the red carpet. This is the best pre-finale show EVER.


MM said...

OMG me too! I love you for admitting this. I was glued.

Heart As Arena said...

Ha! MMses! I knew someone out there would understand. I'm glad it was you.

toby said...

you surprise me.

Heart As Arena said...


Sigmar Polke said...

Perhaps critics too are being somewhat hesitant to comment on some of the more extreme forms of art worried that the undercurrent of the art has self-destructive tendencies for the artist.