Thursday, October 02, 2008

Common People Live Forever.

Shit, man. Interview is oh-so-very back. You go, Glenn. One of the most thrilling interviews of the issue is between Jarvis Cocker and Elizabeth Peyton. Jarvis Cocker. Elizabeth Peyton. Best of both worlds, baby. She's readying her retrospective at the New Museum and he's getting ready to enjoy his shopping trolley. We get to watch while they talk about the room they share in the tower of song. Classic Interview. Read it online here, but note that it's another annoying-ass Flash site so you'll have to click on ART and then wait for it to scroll itself to the right and then you'll have to do the little scrolly thing on the side that'll keep the text moving down even after you've stopped scrolling. Thanks, Adobe! But honestly, it'll be worth your effort to read this piece of ultra goodness. Seriously. Go read it, like, supernow. Here.

+ + + 100% related . . . ! ! !

Jarvis Cocker interrupts Michael Jackson's "performance" in 1996 at The Brit Awards.

Jay-Z does Wonderwall at Glastonbury, 2008.

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