Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Last Look.

And what was I doing in the bad corn maze (Sorry, but 38th Ave. and 13th St. a block away from 21st St.? WTF?) that is Queens? Doing another studio visit with Rosanna Bruno, of course. We were looking at this new painting to see if it would work in the show I'm curating. Turns out that it wasn't quite going to fit right, but that doesn't mean it's not an amazing painting. It really bats the viewer around. Pulling you in in one place and pushing you away in another while another spot is pulling you back in before you get too far away. A really interesting turn, this one.


Anonymous said...

i like the long gestural brushstrokes on top of the linen. almost audible. lately strokes like this have been catching my eye. rather different, but it reminds me: nathan redwood has a show up at caren golden in chelsea right now that you should check out.

dubz said...

this painting has a limp. i love it.

Heart As Arena said...

anon: "almost audible". Brilliant. And thanks for the tip.

dz: !!!!!!!