Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unbreak My Heart: Kate Gilmore.

How perfect. When Unbreak My Heart opens on November 1, it'll be one day shy of 2 years since I posted my first big rave about Kate Gilmore's work. What a kick.

Unbreak My Heart Press release . . .
Kate Gilmore: Kate was an easy choice. If I do a studio visit with you and your work makes me cry, well then, if I I curate a show a couple years later I'm probably going to ask you to be in it. The video Heartbreaker is from 2004, but I couldn't pass up the irony of having it in the show. I mean, the artist takes an axe to a heart made out of lumber. In the destruction of her heart, she makes mine a little less broken. It's a weirdly triumphant act for both the artist and the viewer. Kate is the one artist for whom I put aside my self-imposed no-artists-with-representation rule. Big ups to Amy Smith-Stewart.


Chris Rusak said...

Please tell me there is an at-home version for sale. What a coffee table conceptual piece to be able to slam away at that in your own living room.

Heart As Arena said...

Hi Chris. A fine idea. Maybe a Wii version.