Friday, April 24, 2009

Down By The River.

Franklin Evans, fluteplayerinnevadatrees, 2008

Franklin Evans is one of those artists that I see occasionally at openings. We have some mutual friends. Here are two things that always happen when I see him. 1. I enjoy the hell out of our conversations. 2. I always dig his art if it's in the show. (Like here.) Big congrats to him for scoring a Marie Walsh Sharpe studio down in DUMBO this year. The program is having their open studios this weekend with the opening reception tonight from 5-9 tonight. I usually attend for one or two artists with whom I'm familiar, and then finding about five more that I find really interesting. If you like art and you live in NYC, attendance is almost mandatory. Go.

20 Jay Street, suite 720

friday, april 24, 5-9 OPENING RECEPTION
saturday, april 25, 2-6
sunday, april 26, 2-6

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