Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Low Posting.

Sorry about the dearthular posting lately, kids. Still fighting this weird cold thing over here. Low energy equals low posting. So you'll just have to put up with posts of stanzas from Hafez ghazals and other whatnots for a few more days. Love me anyway.


Oly said...

same here. I'm on unofficial strike from the unpaid wee hour nightjob until further notice-- as well as the cold I have as well leaves, and I find out if SVA accepts me or not.


PS-- What's up with you, Hrag, Marisa and now me getting sick all at once, huh?

Feel better, BB

Mark said...

Airborne or emergen-c

Heart As Arena said...

E to the C.

Mia G. said...

We love you...we do.

Heart As Arena said...

Mia: Whew.

Ols: Thanks and what IS up with dat. Ugh. And YO . . . Good luck.