Monday, April 27, 2009

Maps and Traditions.

Well, as predicted, when I went to see what Franklin Evans was up to in his Marie Walsh Sharpe studio I had one nice surprise after another. The first surprise was the new occupant of Sarah Peter's former studio, Eric Sall. Although I knew the name I didn't know the work. Apparently, a tradition of ass-kicking in that space has officially begun.

I don't know. Where to start with this one? I mean, what didn't I like about this work? I can't think of a single thing. I loved this work. The color. The way it moved. The surprising textures . . . Soft focus. Hard focus. Thick. Thin. Globby. Gone. It was like a Pixies song that I actually liked. I was happy that Sall was in one of the few studios without a stunning view of the river. Nothing to distract me when I got lost in this new map I had wandered into. Wasn't really interested in finding my way back. I was pretty happy there with the paint.


dubz said...

eric sall is one of the most talented painters in nyc! i'm sorry i missed the open studio. these paintings look FANTASTIC!

Art said...

Great! Thanks for sharing