Friday, October 01, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 39: Stacy Q, Hi Fi Sweet Leaf


The Sweet Leaf reference in the title reminded me that Merzbow has mentioned that the basic goal of his music to sustain the heaviest moments of Black Sabbath. Done. Brian Eno has stated eloquently and often that rock's biggest contribution to the history of music has been texture. There are few bands outside of Sabbath that have added a more distinctive voice to the conversation. It would have been thrilling even if Merzbow had failed at his task to to harness the great white rhino of Tommy, Geezer, and Bill. But like I said, with Merzbow it's a done deal. Task over.

Oh, and Stacy Q. Heh. Two of hearts, my ass.


1. Decomposed Cockoo // 26:29
2. Stacy Q, Hi Fi Sweet Leaf // 26:28

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