Tuesday, October 05, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 43: Exotic Apple


Merzbow gets his old drum machines and samplers out, and it's a fine damn thing. Goes for a lot of high end too. Not my favorite are in the land of the rising Noise, but what he's doing in opposition to it works so well I don' t care. When his shit is on, it's ON. Make my ears bleed for all I care. Actually, fuck my ears, this is actually making my teeth hurt. I mean it. It's triggered an olfactory memory, and I can smell the dentist's drill. Music (or anti-music) does not get better than this. If I was in a dream, I'd be looking in the mirror and my teeth would be falling out in some mythopoetic kinda way. The Merzbow soundtrack would make it alright though. Like I said last time . . . Bite the apple.


1. Sunohara Youri Is Suzanna Erica // 10:16
2. Moon over the Bwana A // 5:30
3. Apple Rock 1 // 14:20
4. Apple Rock 2 // 16:17
5. Apple Rock 3 // 7:23
6. Apple Rock 4 // 7:55

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