Monday, October 11, 2010

50 Days of Merzbow, Day 50: Annihiloscillator


An old evangelist friend of mine used to say that all we needed was a good, cleansing fire. Clearly, Merzbow is down with this. Annihiloscillator is a good place to end this 50 CD mountain. Fuck any scorched earth policy. Why limit it to the ground. Merzbow burns the whole world of sound with his work: the high, the low, and the in-between. Annihilation is a gift, and Merzbow just keeps giving.

We offer our gratitude and we end with a prayer.


1. Hair Gun // 13:16
2. Kyoko Hamara Air Clyster // 12:14
3. Black Brain of Piranese // 13:26
4. Soft Parts 1&2 // 17:29
5. Wild Pair // 3:50


Big ups to the world of sharity that gave me the files to do this. Files here . . .


Heart As Arena said...

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Today i found your blog, and today is exactly day 50 of the merzbox posts, i met M.Akita in Barcelona when he presented this box 10 years ago.

It's the 1st. time i read about someone listening to the whole set and writing about it.



Heart As Arena said...

Well, that worked out. Thanks for checking it out. Your blog looks great, btw. I just wish I read Spanish.

Anonymous said...

50 Days... 50 Reviews

Merzbox by Merbow

Well Done!

Allan Smithee

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your blog and discovered your Merzbox review quest. Excellent Job!

Thanks for the juicy reviews of this outrageous monster of a box set. I have yet to make the journey and am now going through 13 birds which is has some really mind melting moments.

Make mine Merzbow!


Timja said...

brown noise... maybe I should try the Merzbow coma and see what happens, might be interesting.

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