Friday, March 31, 2006

Courageous, Baby.

Tiny light, you're a star.

During tonight's New York Voices, Zoe Strauss took over my TV. What a kick. It got even better when I started to look at the pictures I had taken of my television. The crossfades were the happiest of accidents, some doubling up the heartbreak and beauty.

I know that this is a lot of photos, but I couldn't stop clicking. Plus, it's always fun to reference The Low Road.

My two favorite Biennial artists together. Zoe looks at one of Marilyn Minter's paintings.

Like I said: heartbreaking.


roberta said...

totally beautiful, and yes, those fades between shots are great! thanks for sharing!!

libby said...

a whole zoe strauss travelog! sweeet

Anonymous said...

Wow, Heart! Her work is amazing. I love photography (from forever ago.) Her treatment of the people in her photos reminds me very much of Diane Arbus.