Friday, March 24, 2006

Let Me Bring You Songs From The Woods.

Last night I went to the opening for the wonderful and appropriately scatalogical Manuel Ocampo show at Gray Kapernekas Gallery. I'm tellin' ya. This gallery does not know the meaning of failure. Go.

Go. Go. Go. And don't miss the artist's statement/painting in the back room.

This is an older painting. I'll post jpegs of the new work soon.

Sherrie Levine's show opens tonight at Paula Cooper. At least, I think it does. I might be totally wrong about that. What is it with these high end galleries with crap web presence? Cooper's site is on Artnet and it usually lags a show or two behind. Just like Sonnabend's crap site on Artnet. Whatever. I'm quite comfortable walking to the lower end of Chelsea at the risk of finding an empty gallery if there's the slightest possibility of seeing new work by Levine. If anybody knows for a fact that I'm wrong about this please email me.

Build a boat and I will come. Friedrich Petzel--very much on a roll lately--will open Tobias Rehberger's American Traitor Bitch Saturday night. I've been drowning in goodness at that gallery lately so the frigate is much appreciated. I received these installation images from the gallery and they cracked me up, especially the second one. I just wanted to put "WTF?" speech balloons around everybody's head.


Anonymous said...

What is it with these high end galleries with crap web presence?

I hate that too. My sense is that they don't believe a web presence matters to their success. Perhaps it doesn't. The big, important people they want to attract get all the information they need to show up at the right time. As for the rest of us, artists and the like, who cares whether we show up or not.

Heart As Arena said...

I don't know what it is. It would make more sense if they didn't have a website at all rather than the half-ass artnet thing. I love both galleries, but this just confuses me.