Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Speed Of Might.

A couple years ago I bought an issue of Art Review for the sound art feature on the cover. Little did I know that I would find the path to what was to become one of my favorite galleries in the city, Nyehaus. The gallery's owner, Tim Nye, was profiled and it was pretty clear that his heart and his eye were in the right place (Not to mention that he was the guy who was smart enough to put out Luna records.).

Everything I've seen at the gallery since then has been topnotch, but this time out Nyehaus has outdone itself. The show, Invisible Might, includes one of my favorite Robert Irwin pieces, Untitled. There's also a sculpture, Light Column, in the same room casting shadows and light into all the right corners of the heart.

Upstairs is a strong James Turrell only predictable in its greatness. It starts as something beautiful and illusional, but in its sure stillness transforms the viewer into one big question mark of perception. I won't say any more than that.

Also upstairs, two John McCracken paintings that were a last minute addition to the show were a revelation to me. I wasn't familiar with his work, but I've been watching surf and skate films lately so the pump had been primed.

Fine works by Larry Bell, Craig Kauffman, and Fred Sandback round out this utterly perfect show. It's been extended through July 14th so you have a couple weeks left to be crushed by it's luminous might.


roberta said...

this looks and sounds great! i didn't know about this gallery--so thanks for the hot tip! xo roberta

Heart As Arena said...

My pleasure, Roberta. You're not alone in not knowing about this gallery. And to boot it's in one of the coolest buildings in NY, The National Arts Club building, on Gramercy Park. Scorcese shot some of "The Age of Innocence" there.

Toby Shuster said...

i melt for james turrell pieces

Heart As Arena said...

Then I know what YOU'RE doing this weekend, Tobes.

Glam said...

Hi Bees,

Put this on your radar for September: