Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Jenny Dubnau's painting, Self-Portrait with Red Cloth, will be included in the Wild Girls group show at Exit Art from June 24 through August 26. Damn! I like this painting. Wrap me up.

NOTE: This show is in no way related to the recent Girls Gone Wild ruckus in the Mennonite stronghold of Ephrata, PA. And did the local paper, The Lancaster New Era, actually use the phrase "flash their goods for the camera" or was I dreaming? Gosh. I really miss that beacon of prehistoric jouralistic light.


Susan Constanse said...

Really cool self-portrait!

Heart As Arena said...

Hi, Susan. Pretty fine, huh? Yeah. She kicks ass.

Have you dried out yet?

Heart As Arena said...

Actually, Susan, if you want to see more here's a link to an older post that will lead you to a longer post on Fallon&Rosof I did awhile back.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post?
Great lookin' painting JD. I love the horizontal format that allows for the flowing red. Seems to defy gravity.