Tuesday, January 02, 2007


You really don't need to see the Annie Leibovitz show at the Brooklyn Museum if you've seen her work in magazines. That's not a cut on Leibovitz's work. It's just that nothing is gained by putting it on a wall in a museum. In fact, taking it off the racks feels like a bad kidnapping.

However, I have to say that I loved seeing this image of Karen Finley in a larger format. My favorite detail is the paperback copy of Alice Miller's The Drama of The Gifted Child sticking out of the stack of books. The original title of the book was Prisoners Of Childhood which seems appropriate in light of Finley's take on our culture as a psycholocial organism making conscious/unconscious choices. Like a good mother Finley, patiently, has been showing us a way out of childhood. Like a tall, dumb kid we keep hitting our head on the door and passing out.

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