Monday, January 29, 2007


For the last week or so most of my art blogging energy has been going into my attempt to blog Doug Aitken's Sleepwalkers on a daily basis over on my Creative Time Blog. I fell in love with it opening night, and I thought that I'd go up to see it a few more times before it ended. When I went to see it the Friday night after the opening I realized that I wanted to try to see it every night after that. I've only missed one night since then, and the piece just continues to unfold and reward.

Here. Wait. This'll make it easier.
Night 1
Night 4
Night 5
Night 6
Night 7
Night 9
Night 10
Night 11
Night 12
Night 13
Night 14
Night 15


Anonymous said...

when's it over? Its gettin cooooooold!

Heart As Arena said...

February 12th. Yah. Cold for sure, and getting colder. But that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing the project to life for those of us in the tropics.
Glenn Weiss, Floida

Heart As Arena said...

Hi Glenn. You're welcome and thanks all at the same time. Much respect. I just came across the conversation over at Aesthetic Ground yesterday.

Toby Shuster said...

brett! i just tried e-mailing you at your nothing_special address and it bounced back to me. please email me with your new address.