Sunday, July 22, 2007

Care Package.

Grand Funk Railroad. They were the first to teach me that music could be more than sound. It could be an object. The 45 for We're An American Band was made of clear gold vinyl. To this day, I haven't recovered from the moment that I slipped that puppy out of its sleeve. Apparently, I'm not the only one that has that kind of memory.

Evidence of that is plastered all over the walls of Secret Project Robot. A celebration of the limited and the coveted, it's a great survey of the amazing work that's being done underneath the underground. Like a blessing in a cool mustard-colored suit, Jim Thirlwell, master of the Total Package, was in attendance. The care with which these record covers are being produced is inspiring and heart-warming. This show should not be missed. Actually, I'm coming to the conclusion that just about any show at Secret Project Robot should not be missed. Put the needle down.

There's a certain intimacy with these releases. It's not just the limited numbers in which they're produced either. It's something about the care and intention put into each object. It reminds me of how my grandmother used to cook.

And in the store, art shopping as it should be . . . with darts.

Bonus track: A little sampling from my shelves . . .


Mark Barry said...

I'm your captain, ya, ya, ya, ya.

Heart As Arena said...

Dude. I dream that song. Mark Farner rules.

Anonymous said...

Dude, next time you're going to a show that Clint Ruin's at, please, please, please bring me. All my 1985 just came flooding into my brain at once.