Tuesday, July 03, 2007


At Mixed Greens Coke Wisdom delivers one of my favorite show titles of the year, Please Mr. Bowie, Come To My Show. HaHa. Yes, Mr. Bowie. Do come. The front room will especially work for you. It did for me. I enjoyed the work more as sculpture than as photography. The front/back photo approach is kind of hokey, but all is forgiven in the context of how well everything comes together as an installation. And I especially loved that wooden box sculpture hiding in plain sight in the northeast corner of the front room. It's like a comforting visual non sequitor, a lost box in the forest. Nice.

Don't miss Michael Yinger's all i know is that i don't know nothin' in the group show at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art. I almost did, but thankfully I ran in to Barry (aka Bloggy) on 27th Street and he pointed me in the right direction. Yinger gives us a map of the American heart. Just follow the bullets and the fiberglass to find our itchy trigger finger.

There are some really nice pieces in the group show at Peer Gallery. I checked out the show when I learned that Sebastian Lemm's work was in it. As ever, Lemm's work was excellent. No surpises there. Brian Getnick's scaryass drawings reminded me of Night of the Hunter, but without the protection of the animals in the woods. Letha Wilson's sculpture reminded me of a 3-D manifestation of of works from Lemm's Lapse series without the complications. That's not a slam. I'm just talking about form. I actually enjoyed the undiluted nature of the piece. Pierre St.-Jacques' exquisite Project for a Grey Dress is the real revelation here. I loved the pacing and the lines of this piece. Check out the generous Quicktime clip on the Peer website.

Sebastian Lemm, Traveller II #6

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