Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Drawing Narrative.

By the River of Babylon

If you're visiting Philly in the next month you should make the effort to check out The Drawing Narrative, a group show at Jenny Jaskey. If you live in Philly then you have no excuse. One of the participants in the show, Rubens Ghenov, blew my doors off with the work he had in last summer's excellent René Smith-curated Out of Me, Out of You. The rhythm of narrative, weight, and texture makes his drawings completely irresistible. I fell hard and I fell fast. The Drawing Narrative opens Thursday, May 8, and I'm pretty sure it will kick your ass.

Na Banguela do João


the fourth samba said...

Brent good looking again brother. Your words are love and truly felt. Thanks mate. peace

The Drawings of Rob Matthews said...

Thanks for mentioning the show Brent. Rubens work looks GREAT in the show. Can't wait for the reception tonight.
I hope you can make it down to Philly to check out the show.